Update Mai 2018

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I got a lot of concerned questions over the last months why nothing is happening on the site. The answer is simple: time was short. I had to do a lot computerwork and found little time to write new articles. As far as I can see it will stay that way for the near future. There will be updates and articles but not in a regularly fashion. But since a lot happened the last weeks it was time for an Update:

Boat´s Information and History

Mostly I worked on the basic Information about the boats. Its not finished yet but preliminary articles about the MaLi and the Orion65 were added recently.

iDM- inofficial German Championship 2018

End of April the 2018 RG65 german championship was held in Burhave northern germany. A very beautiful sailing spot in a saltwater lagoon near the north sea. I couldnt compete myself but teamsailor Kym took the Nukite prototype to its first bigger race. The result compensated for having to stay at home. Kym not only won the title but dominated the regatta with his sovereign sailing, beating the current german and current european champion ! Congratulations !

But not only Kym, the other sailors using swansails designs also did very well: 7th and 11th place with the Orion65 and 10th place with the MaLi show that these desings are far from being out of date.

Result iDM 2018

Boatdesigns used according to the initial registration


I also got some news about the production of the Nukite. First Hull is of the mould, weight seemes very good so that production can start.

If everything goes on as planned there may be the first hulls avaiblable early June. I will keep you updatet and post were to ask for hulls as soon as everything is for sure.

Orion Edge 3D Printed

Some very interesting work is done by Arnold and his team reworking the Orion Edge for 3D printing. Arnold presented the CR (classic rig) version in the 3D printing group on Facebook.

The SR (swingrig) version is also printed and shall be tested at the portuguese championship. There are already some ideas for improvements gained while working with the prototypes. When they are included (maybe end of July) files for 3D printing might be shared to the public. Im very happy they put so much work in the Orion Edge ! Converting a design to 3D printing is a totally different task than the initial drawing of the boat and takes almost the same amount of time and work.