Orion 65

In 2015 the development of Swansails RG65´s saw the first split. After 5 Years continuing development of the MaLi I wanted to do something  new: the Orion65


The MaLi was known for her good performance especially in conditions with  strong wind and waves. That lead to the first goal: a boat which should have good speed in lightwindconditions.

At that time there was ongoing discussion about chines: needed or not?… I was very happy that the MaLi didnt have chines and was not planning on adding them to the MaLi. But I stayed curious … In  the end I gave way to my teamsailors wishes (who has been a fan for the IOM Lintel since a long time…) and the Orion got Chines.

Still, the base for the Orion Design is the MaLi. I took the last Version and added the desired changes. Mainly the hull was made slimmer, chines were added, the Rockerline was modified and bouyancy was adjusted to fit the reduced bulbweight of 650g (700g with the MaLi).

Despite sharing the same basic genes the result was quite a different boat:


The Orion65 is as it was planned a very good Hull for lightwindconditions with outstanding speed especially on the downwindcourse. Upwind shows a very good pointing ability with still good speed. The design works also when the wind grows stronger, especially the wavepiercing concept works quite well.

But as result of the very thin bowsection it has a tendency to nosediving downdwind thus requiring to change to smaller sails a little bit earlier than the Mali or other comparative Hulls.


Till today there exist only 6 finished Hulls of the Orion. The more proud I am of the good results different sailors achieved with the design.

  • 1. Place, German Champion (iDM 2015)
  • 9. Place iDM 2016
  • 6. Place iDM 2017
  • 7.+11. Place iDM 2018
  • Several 1-3 Places at local german RG65 events
Sources of supply:

I have given the copyright of the design and the plugs of the Orion 65 as a present to Reto B. From time to time hulls might be available. If you are interested please use the contact form

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