Nukite history

The Nukite is the latest boat designed by Swansails. Read on for a short summary of development, testing and production.


Development goal was to maintain the good strong wind characteristics of the MaLi and to combine with the strengths of the Orion 65 in light wind, so to build an all-round boat for all conditions.

The development was started in mid-2016, in October, the design was finished and the boat was presented in the German RG65 forum and also in the blog

Two prototypes were built from the CNC milled mould. Below pictures of the first prototype and the maiden voyage.

First Tests

During the Year 2017 I was able two sail a few regattas with the prototype. I had not been sailing for a long time and made many mistakes in tactics and boathandling. But despite that results were very promising, the boat was very fast and I manged two win several heats in the second regatta placing fourth overall. After that I handed the boat on to teamsailor Kim to test the boat in international competition.

iDM- inofficial German Championship 2018

End of April the 2018 RG65 german championship was held in Burhave northern germany. A very beautiful sailing spot in a saltwater lagoon near the north sea. I couldnt compete myself but teamsailor Kym took the Nukite prototype to its first bigger race. The result compensated for having to stay at home. Kym not only won the title but dominated the regatta with his sovereign sailing, beating the current german and current european champion ! Congratulations !

Result iDM 2018

Boatdesigns used according to the initial registration


After these results, with the Nukite being the current German RG65 Champion we were very confident and finalised the design for production. The mould was CNC milled and shipped to the new production facility.

Sources of supply

Starting in Oktober 2018 the Nukite is produced by a joint venture of sailing friends. Its the Original Swansails Design, sales are manged by Vangelis. Keel, Rudder and Bulb are supplied by MX Components.

If you are interested in buying a hull or complete ship please use the contact form.




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