The history of the MaLi is deeply associated with my personal journey into the radiosailing world. So please excuse if there are some personal topics involved. The development included hull and riggdesing but also went along with growing experience in boatbuilding and sailing. So I´ll take the freedom of a few sidesteps covering these topics too.

I hope the MaLi story may inspire other sailors to try, draw and build their own boat as well.

Start in the RG65 Class

I started sailing the RG65 Class in 2010. First  I gained some experience with a selfbuilt wooden RG (Coriolis, using a Plan drawn by X-Sails). Later I laminated my first hulls using a mould provided by a Friend ( Hip65 by Henning D.)


The Hip65 was very ahead of its time at that moment, looking quite different than the ususal designs, very narrow and Swing Rig only.  But it was also not easy to sail, tacking was quite difficult and often the boat got stalled. Sailed by a skilled pilot these topics didnt matter much, Henning managed to win the 2010 RG65 Netherlands Championship using the Hip65 Prototype. Me being a not so skilled sailor I had my problems…  want to see? Look at this video taken at the iDM 2010 in Lübeck. My boat is the white one, sail #221, enjoy at 0:35, perfect Start …..

With these impressions and despite training to sail better the desire to own a boat which fit me better grew stronger. That was when the idea was born to draw my own RG65. Quite crazy since I had very little experience. But at that time we had a very strong positive spirit in  the german RG65 forum and many people offered help, so the journey began…


My goals when thinking about the new boat was a narrow RG65 which was easier to sail that the Hip65 but with the same speed the Hip offered. The lines should look a bit more classy like old Marbleheads from the late 1970´s which I liked very mouch. Having that in mind the first sketch was drawn, classic design work using frames drawn with pencil on paper …

to be continued…

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