Update September 2018

Nukite production prototypes arrived.

September 2018 saw the first two production prototypes of the Nukite. Vangelis and me each got one Hull to test and improve before seriesproduction starts. Prototype in this case is not concerning the hulldesign which is already proven but quality of building and layout.

Mine is a hull painted in  the mould and bulit with carbon laminate. The boat is nearly complete, just the trays for the sail- and rudderservos have to be added. Weight as shown in the pictures below ist 130g.

Appendages will be provided by MX Components, the quality is great with a very strong keel, perfect surface finish of rudder, keel and the coated bulb (650g). Orders can placed from now on, if you are interested please use the contactform at the bottom of the Nukitepage.

Update May 2018


I got a lot of concerned questions over the last months why nothing is happening on the site. The answer is simple: time was short. I had to do a lot computerwork and found little time to write new articles. As far as I can see it will stay that way for the near future. There will be updates and articles but not in a regularly fashion. But since a lot happened the last weeks it was time for an Update: Continue reading Update May 2018

Update december 2017

Revision of the page

Time is running … the last update was in April 2017, later I lacked the time for new posts. Now finally the planned reorganization of the site could begin and with it new contributions will be set soon again. I hope you like the new layout, if not: suggestions are gladly accepted.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope for a nice RC sailing year 2018!

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